Terms of Use

Terms of use

KBVL is the sole Greek member of Deloitte Legal, an international network of law firms. “Deloitte Legal” means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms or other affiliates that provide legal services.


The website www.kbvl.gr (hereinafter the “Website”) is provided by Koimtzoglou-Bakalis-Venieris-Leventis & Associates Law Partnership (hereinafter “KBVL Law Firm”). KBVL Law Firm is a Greek law partnership regulated by Presidential Decree 81/2005 and Law 4194/2013, as currently in force. It is a registered legal entity member of the Athens Bar Association and is qualified to provide legal services and Greek law advice. KBVL Law Firm is also the sole Greek member of Deloitte Legal, an international network of law firms. 

By using this Website, you agree to the present Terms of Use, which are applicable to the whole content and materials of the Website, as these may be amended from time to time. KBVL Law Firm maintains the right to amend wholly or partially the Terms at any time and without notice. In this respect, KBVL Law Firm will ensure that the Website contains at all times the applicable Terms. 


Our Website and its contents are provided only for general information purposes about KBVL Law Firm. No part of the Website or any of the information materials or opinions contained in the Website or in our newsletters is intended to constitute legal or other professional advice. Information posted on the Website or communicated to you through our newsletters, in respect of legal developments in Greece or the European Union, does not constitute legal advice and does not represent an exhaustive or authoritative statement of the law.  

We take reasonable efforts to ensure that the content and information in this Website are up to date. However, KBVL Law Firm makes no representation whatsoever as to the accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness or relevance of the content of this Website. 

We do not accept any liability for any damages or losses, direct or consequential, of any kind, which may arise from reliance on information or materials published on the Website, or any act or omission resulting from use of any contents of the Website. We are not responsible or liable for any matter relating to you or any third parties accessing or using this Website and its contents. 

We make no representation or warranty that this Website (or any part thereof) will be error-free. You should be aware of the possibility of technical, human or other errors, which may cause technical problems or affect the Website. 

Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks

This Website is KBVL Law Firm’s intellectual property according to Greek Copyright Law (L. 2121/1993), as amended and currently in force, as well as to international conventions signed by Greece. 

KBVL Law Firm is the sole beneficiary of any and all intellectual property rights on the design, source code and the entire content of the Website (including but not limited to pictures, graphics, photographs, texts and all other files of this Website) either directly as creator or indirectly, licensed by their respective creators. You may download, print or make copies of the pages, content, publications and materials in this Website for your own personal use, as long as each copy made is complete and acknowledges KBVL Law Firm as its source. This permission does not extend to any third party material on this Website. Any other use of this Website or its contents is prohibited without the prior written consent of KBVL Law Firm.  

Any trademarks, service marks, and logos appearing on the Website are either registered trademarks of KBVL Law Firm and/or third parties, protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European trademark laws, and by international conventions and treaties. Nothing contained on the Website should be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademarks or service marks without our prior written consent. Violation by any means of the aforementioned rights will draw the subsequent penalties and liability defined by applicable laws. 

Personal Data Protection

We fully respect your privacy and we collect and further process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is available here


The Website may contain links to other websites, which are controlled by third parties. In no event shall KBVL Law Firm be held liable for the content or safety of such websites. Under no circumstances shall KBVL Law Firm guarantee that these links will operate without interruption. Existence of links to other third party websites is not an endorsement by KBVL Law Firm in favor of such website or the products or services contained in any third party website. Use of any of these links is made solely at your own risk. 

Governing Law

The present Terms are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Greek law. Any dispute arising in connection with this Website and its Terms of Use shall be subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, Greece. 

About KBVL. Law Firm

KBVL. Law Firm corresponds to the initials of “Ilias Koimtzoglou, Efstathios Bakalis, George Venieris and Thomas Leventis” and it is composed by a group of Lawyers with significant experience and skills in several areas of Law, covering different sectors of business activity, national and international, promoting global opportunities and solutions with an international mindset.

KBVL. is the sole Greek member of Deloitte Legal, an international network of law firms. “Deloitte Legal” means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms or other affiliates that provide legal services.